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Berlin as a citytrip is since a couple of years grown and a real must visit in Europe. We will try to give you a glimps of what makes Berlin so great and we hope you enjoy your stay as much as we did.

hong kong



We love Hongkong for a citytrip or just visit it on your way to China, Australia or where ever, because you will feel right at home and can experience the big crowded places, but also the quiet and re


New York


A citytrip to New York is always different if you try to keep visiting different things. We have visited NY over 4 times and it keeps being interesting, fresh and new every time we visit. Off course y


Paris has to be in the citytrip top 10 for Europe because it still is and will always be a favorite for many people around the world. Whatever you like, if  it’s the buildings, museums or because of




We love Barcelona because it is one of the few cities that combine citylife and the beach in one. Barcelona is worth visiting for a weekend, but you can easily spend a week if you like to enjoy a few




Amsterdam is where we come from so it has to be on the citytrip list. Amsterdam is fun, relaxed and has more than enough to do for all kind of people. We will make a quick tour on why we love Amsterda




Antwerp is located in the middle of Belgium, not far from the border with the Netherlands. Antwerp is an old and beautiful city with in its heart the large ‘onze lieve vrouwe’ cathedral and



Singapore is not the obvious citytrip, but a lot of people visit Singapore on their way to Australia, Bali or when they visit Malaysia. Singapore is a bustling city and a bit to compair with cities li



You can visit Rome for a citytrip many times because there is so much to see, feel, touch and explore. We allways feel like walking through an open air museum when we visit Rome but Rome also has nume


check out the almost complete top 10 of Amsterdam